I know this is self explanatory but why can't I connect to my database? I have a live website that I wanted to update by first doing development in my local computer. I exported the db to my local pc then imported it to phpmyadmin. When I try to access the site thru localhost/sitename, the error Error establishing a database connection keeps popping up.

I have tried every tutorial and forums out there but still the error persists. I have checked the credentials from wp-config.php and it was the same(same db name, username, password). Is there other contents should I change property?

Thanks in advance!

  • Make sure MySQL user you have created is configured to connect using "localhost" in the hostname, NOT "%". Go to PHPMyAdmin -> Users -> Make sure your user is set to connect using "localhost" rather than "%".
    – Kinnectus
    Mar 11, 2019 at 13:52

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I had this issue some days ago with a multisite, loading a live dump to local development. After some debugging I noticed, that the error message wasn't right.
The database was connected, but the path in the database to the sites was wrong.
You can check table <your-prefix>_site and <your-prefix>_blogs if columns domain and path are correct.
That solved my problem, as the error message told something else.

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