I've looked through the documentation but i can't work out how i'm meant to do this.

I've got a form on a product page which is just a few labels. I want to link them to a contact form and populate the form it goes to with the post title of the product, the page it came from.

So i've got a product page, click on a link, goes to a contact form page with the product (post) title populating one of the fields.

I've looked every where but can't figure out how i'm meant to do this.

I found this page which is supposed to explain how to do this but it doesn't really.



I've got the contact form set up with a CF7_GET key to retrieve the value in the url but i don't know how i get the post title in the url to pass it to the contact form.

Also all of a sudden in the url that goes to my contact form it's putting the current page before the url i define. Does anyone know why it's doing that?

How do i get the post title in the url?

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There are two steps to this process:

1. Make sure you have your form set up correctly.

Your form should include the 'dynamictext' tag, and use the correct syntax as described on the plugin page. For example, you may want something like:

[dynamictext theproductname "CF7_GET key='foo'"]

This will set anything after the "foo" $_GET URL parameter (i.e. what comes after "foo=" in the URL http://mysite.com?foo=bar) to be prepopulated into that form field.

2. Set up your links

Every place where you link to this page, you must add the product page title to the link. So for example, if the form page is at http://foo.com/?page_id=58, you must add the page title as a parameter and instead link to:


This will cause whatever you put after "foo=" to appear in the form field defined with the shortcode.

Hope this helps!

  • Thanks but, how do i get the link to output the title. It works if i just put some text after foo= but i want it to put the post title in the url so that's what gets put in to the field.
    – Corbula
    Commented Nov 8, 2011 at 21:06

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