I implemented PWA for my static site. service worker register successfully and my page is also working in offline as I expected but the real problem is in add to Home screen

I included manifest.json with appropriate icons and still, I don't see the add home screen pop up and while trying to push the add to home screen from inspected only i able to see the popup

This my site URL: https://milyin.com/

Manifest JSON: https://milyin.com/milyin-manifest.json

Service Worker: https://milyin.com/PWA.js

I have a empty offline.html also My PWA scores a full 100/100 in Google lighthouse. But still no prompt on multiple device. Offline works, my site is also performing fast. But no prompt.

I tried it on Android 7.1 running Chrome 71. I cleared the app data and cache to try. Ensured 30 seconds engagement, and also ensured that there were no error logs in console with my desktop.

But i can't get it running, i used a plugin earlier to get it done, and Google would prompt for it as expected, but now no prompt with my own code. Also i assure it is not installed on my device already

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