I am working on the website www.unityinfinity.com/ui The website shows the tablet view from 768px to 992px. I want to show the desktop view on tablets by default instead of the weird screen that is being shown (press Ctrl+Shift+I in Chrome and then change the view to tablet to check what happens on iPad or similar width devices).

I have tried setting different breakpoints in Elementor, but that doesn't seem to work. The issue is with Bootstrap. I tried using col-sm-3 and col-sm-9 instead of col-md-3 and col-md-9 for the two column layout, but that doesn't do the trick.

I also tried changing the CSS for the mobile menu to hide the mobile menu until the size of the screen drops below 512px, but to no avail.

I'd love some suggestions from you guys. Thank you :)

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