In "appearance > customize > woocommerce > product catalog" I choosed to display the categories for the shop display page. This wokrs fine and the categories are now shown on the main shop page.

BUT, I want to change the html output like I was able to do it for the product loop in content-product.php tempalte.

For example I changed the <li> to <div> in the content-product.php tempalte and I want to do the same with the category loop output. How can I do that. It seems so simple but I can't find it. The category loop output is still <li class="product-category product"> ... and can't find where to change this.


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content-product_cat.php is the equivalent template for the category thumbnails. You want to copy templates/content-product_cat.php to your theme and modify it, the same way you presumably did for content-product.php. As with the product template, though, the only HTML in the template is the <li> tag. The rest is output through hooks.

  • Thank you very much. That was it. I knew it was simple, but because I couldn't find this file in the plugin woocomerce template directory I was a bit lost. Thanks ;)
    – Benmay
    Commented Mar 7, 2019 at 11:36

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