I am creating a front end custom admin area for registered users. The logic and everything else in in place, so it works.

BUT, I have created this using pages with custom page templates. I feel this is very "overkill" and I know there must be better ways to accomplish this, without having to create a new custom page with a custom page template for each "page" in the user area.

What I am having problems with is to understand the logic behind how that would be done.

Now I have a custom menu, with links to each custom page, just like a normal website. What I would like is to allow users to navigate the front end admin area without using these custom pages. Kind of like the way the standard wp-admin is like.

If anyone has some tips to point me in the right direction on how to accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Note: I am not asking for plugin recomendations here, I have a custom theme with custom plugins, so I am not going to use any external plugins.

Please don't downvote this just because there is no code, it would be stupid of me to copy paste code that does exactly what I describe in the beginning here when that is not the issue here.

  • If you create a new custom post type that's identical to pages, you could control access to all content from that custom post type's templates. This would also give you a good way to separate out the protected content from the rest of your site. – MikeNGarrett Mar 5 at 22:35

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