I would like to hide some of the text in the checkout page: billing details, Order notes (optional) and product/total row in "your order" section.

I am able to remove the input fields, but I cant find a way to remove the text. Any help will be very appreciated.


If you look at the WooCommerce docs, you'll see that you can override template parts by having a replacement file in a woocommerce folder in your theme. A lot of the text you're talking about is hardcoded into woocommerce > templates > checkout > review-order.php Copy that file and modify as needed. Normally I would advocate for trying to use filters instead of duping the template file but I think there's going to be a few things you will have to do in that template file to accomplish what you need.

  • Thanks a lot. I was looking to use filters instead, but overriding templates worked just fine for me. – Roasty Mar 5 at 22:27

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