as the title suggests, can you help me on how to remove icons on the homepage that show the comment count of each article? I do not know CSS, and I do not know exactly what to change. I am using the following theme: https://demo.codevibrant.com/gaming-mag/ and I want to remove all the zeros in red.

Thanks for any answers

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you have to add "display:none;" to specific CSS class.


span.comments-link a {
        display: none;
  • I added that line of code into Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS but not work – Andrew Mar 5 at 9:14
  • what is the url of your site ? on demo, it works well ! – Gregory Mar 5 at 9:18
  • elitedangerousitalia.it – Andrew Mar 5 at 9:20
  • are you still there? – Andrew Mar 5 at 9:25
  • i updated the answear with something more powerfull that hide it everywhere. – Gregory Mar 5 at 9:28

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