Similarly to this topic I need to extract some page IDs from user input (a theme options admin page), store them in a variable, and then filter using the is_page() filter. The input consists of numerical IDs separated by newlines, although if I get this working I'll refactor to allow page slugs too.

Based on the answer to the linked topic, I have the following, But it still does not work. The variable spits out a proper array of IDs, but is_page() doesn't filter based on the array.

// Wordpress my_conditional_load stuff code above

function my_option_pages() {
  $pages = get_option(esc_textarea('my_conditional_load', ''));
  return $pages; // reusable variable; used in form and also below

function my_option_result() {
  $pages = my_option_pages();
  $page = array_map(trim, explode(PHP_EOL, $pages)); // create array; split string at newline
  $result = implode( ', ', $page ); // reassemble as comma delimited list
  $result = rtrim($result); // get rid of extra whitespace
  return $result; // string; resusable variable used below end elsewhere. Must be a string for other uses.

add_filter( 'the_content', 'test_the_variable' );

function test_the_variable( $content ) {

  $result = my_option_result();
  $result = explode(', ', $result); // recreate the array

  if ( is_page( array( $result ) ) ) {
    echo '<span class="foo hide">Array $result = ';
    echo '</span>';
  else {
    echo '<span class="bar hide">Array $result is EMPTY! But we found this: ';
    echo '</span>';
  return $content;

This page is a working example. It's page ID 9, which is in the array. Open DevTools and find the string bar hide in the page source. You can see the array:

<span class="bar hide">Array $result is EMPTY! But we found this: Array
    [0] => 9
    [1] => 6604
    [2] => 6509
    [3] => 7323

So what's wrong?

  • Are the other IDs also pages? Also, are you on the Page (and it is a Page post type, correct?) with ID 9 when testing this?
    – phatskat
    Mar 1, 2019 at 22:14

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In is_page you are passing an array with one element that is also an array. Since $result is already an array, you should do

if ( is_page( $result ) ){ 
  • I just figured that out on my own! But glad I asked anyway so this answer will be available to the next mook trying to solve this! Mar 1, 2019 at 23:50

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