I need help with woocommerce billing address.

First: I need to stop user from being registered on checkout page if billing address is same as other user.

Second If user is already registered, then at checkout when user enters the billing address that already exists, it gives error and don't let user to proceed.

we want to do this because at our store we allow user to get free gift if it's their first order. Users create new accounts but use same billing addresses and get free gifts. If there is any plugin to stop such thing or any workaround that'll be a great help. Thanks

  • What about users that work together who get deliveries to their office? Or roommates? Edge cases, maybe, but something to consider. How is this free gift managed? Is it part of the purchase process on the website? Or something you add when packing? – Jacob Peattie Mar 1 at 11:54

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