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I have added a custom post type called: "Partners", what I want is that when a new one is created, a notification appears in the sidebar of Wordpress.

For example:

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  • What have you tried so far? Where exactly are you stuck? – leymannx Feb 27 at 23:34

It is shockingly simple: you have to dyamically set the admin page title, adding a specific markup:

<span class='awaiting-mod count-3'>
  <span class='pending-count'>3</span>

So for example if you want to show the number of custom posts you have to do something like this when declaring the options page:

$notif_count = wp_count_posts('my_post_type'); //insert your post type
add_menu_page("My Page Title", 
              "My Page Title <span class='awaiting-mod count-$notif_count'><span class='pending-count'>$notif_count</span></span>", 

Notice the php variable $notif_count inside the second parameter of add_menu_page.

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