A non wordpress PHP file has this kind of code:

<form class="someclass" action="page-contact.php" method="post">

But when in WordPress it doesn’t work.

suppose we are here(a WordPress page or a post): www.sample.com/somepage/

The above page is using the page-contact.php template.

Then the above when the to submit button of the contact form is triggered takes to:


This generates an error that 404 not found(because that link doesn’t exist). what is the solution so that it(action) works in WordPress?

I tried the solution posted here → How to handle form submission?

  1. But that solution doesn't work.
  2. Even if had worked than which theme author will put an action file in wp-admin because the path is shown their belongs to wp-admin →

action="<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php'); ?>"

In my case, the admin-ajax.php file will be the same template/page file where the swiftmailer code is there with SMTP settings to send an email.

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