I'm developing a plugin... everything was fine but suddenly when I try to save the plugin settings... I found with the error that says the page options not found..

I was looking for some answer but not one fix my error... Following some code that makes the settings page and save the options in the database:


 * This file contains the necesary functions to display the admin area of the plugin
 * @author  Ezequiel Cattaneo <[email protected]>
 * @link    https://webstower.com.ar/wtdomcheck
 * @since   1.0.0

require_once WTDOMCHECK_PLUGIN_DIR.'admin/class/class-admin.php';

$wtdomadmin = '';

//All the magic is done here!
if ( class_exists('admin') ) {
    $wtdomadmin = new admin();



function __construct() 

        //Instantiate the API that will construct our admin pages
        $this->settings = new ApiWpadmin();

        //Array of pages to create
        $this->pages = [
                'page_title' => 'My plugin settings page', 
                'menu_title' => 'Settings page', 
                'capability' => 'manage_options', 
                'menu_slug'  => 'wtdomaincheck', 
                'callback'   => array($this, 'WTLoadSettingTemplate'), 
                'icon_url'   => 'dashicons-admin-generic', 
                'position'   => 117
        //Register the settings in the database
        add_action('admin_init', array($this, 'WTSaveSettings'));

    // PARAM
    // Register all the actions & filters for wp-admin
    public function WTRegister() 

            WTAddPages( $this->pages ) ->
            WTWithSubPage( 'Dashboard' ) ->
            WTAddSubPages( $this->subpages ) ->


    // PARAM
    // Register the settings values in the database
    public function WTSaveSettings()
            $wt_options = array (
                'display-on-free'       => $_POST['display-on-free'],
                'display-on-registered' => $_POST['display-on-registered'],
                'display-on-invalid'    => $_POST['display-on-invalid'],
                'before-whois-output'   => $_POST['before-whois-output'],
                'after-whois-output'    => $_POST['after-whois-output'],
                'callurl'               => $_POST['callurl'],
                'varname'               => $_POST['varname'],
                'resp-free-domain'      => $_POST['resp-free-domain'],
                'resp-registered-domain'=> $_POST['resp-registered-domain'],
                'resp-invalid-domain'   => $_POST['resp-invalid-domain'],
                'custom-css'            => $_POST['custom-css'],
                'license-key'           => $_POST['license-key'],
                'style-box-bgcolor'     => $_POST['style-box-bgcolor'],
                'style-www-color'       => $_POST['style-www-color'],
                'style-button-color'    => $_POST['style-button-color'],
                'style-button-bgcolor'  => $_POST['style-button-bgcolor'],
                'style-result-color'    => $_POST['style-result-color'],
                'style-result-bgcolor'  => $_POST['style-result-bgcolor']

            if (isset($_POST['enable-multiple-search'])) 
                $wt_options[] = array('enable-multiple-search' => $_POST['enable-multiple-search'] );

            if (isset($_POST['show-www'])) 
                $wt_options[] = array('show-www' => $_POST['show-www'] );

            if (isset($_POST['show-whois-output'])) 
                $wt_options[] = array('show-whois-output' => $_POST['show-whois-output'] );

            update_option( 'wtdomaincheck', $wt_options );

    // PARAM
    // Loads the template that shows the settings page
    public function WTLoadSettingTemplate()
        require_once WTDOMCHECK_PLUGIN_DIR.'admin/html/settings.php';



<form method="post" action="options.php">

        <?php settings_fields( 'wtdomaincheck' ); ?>

        <div class="row border">
            <div class="col-3 border-right pt-3 pb-3">
                <div id="pillTabs" class="nav flex-column nav-pills" id="v-pills-tab" role="tablist" aria-orientation="vertical">
                    //Build Pill Sections
                    echo $wtdomadmin->WTBuildPillTabs($sections);

            <div class="col-9 pt-3">
                <div class="tab-content" id="v-pills-tabContent">
                    //Build Pill Sections
                    echo $wtdomadmin->WTBuildPillPanes($sections);
        <div class='form-group row mx-auto mt-3'>
            <div class="col-lg-12 pr-0">
                <input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary float-right" value="<?php _e('Save Changes') ?>" />


When I install the plugin, the options record is created in the wp_options table. The settings page is displayed.. but when I try to save the changes... is where the options page not found comes to the screen...

Any help will be appreciated.

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The problem is in my file settings.php (which renders the form). Look at the form action. It says action="options.php" and then the settings_field() inserts a hidden field with the correct action. But WordPress prioritizes the form action, so, when submit the form, WordPress tries to load options.php instead of the correct action in the hidden field.

The solution? Simple:

Replace in the form action="options.php" by action="".

This simple patch fixes the error.

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