I have created a multisite network using the subdirectory structure on localhost using XAMPP. I need help with regards to Domain Mapping and then migrating to the production server

The multisite structure is as follows:

http://localhost/KYNMultisite/ ... Main Site http://localhost/KYNMultisite/hamburg ... Site 1 http://localhost/KYNMultisite/stolzenau .. Site 2 http://localhost/KYNMultisite/rotterdam .. Site 3 http://localhost/KYNMultisite/pfullendorf-uberlingen ..Site 4

The development work is over now. There are 2 questions: 1. How should I map the domains on localhost? OR 2. Should I migrate the site from development to production and then do the domain mapping?

I have been searching for a solution, however not been able to do so. Request for guidance as I am new to multisite network.

Thanks in advance BM

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