I have try for several hours to solve this but I am getting nowhere.

In the class-wc-structured-data I would like to add a Markup for "brand" as on my website the brand = the parent category

$markup['brand'] = $term = get_term_by('name', $name, 'product_cat');

I would like to call the wooocommerce parent category. With the above code I am getting the name as "False" instead of the parent category.

Can someone help me please ?


FYI I know little coding.


As per WordPress Codex for the function

get_term_by( $field, $value, $taxonomy, $output, $filter );

If $value does not exist, the return value will be false. If $taxonomy exists and $field and $value combinations exist, the Term will be returned.

So, you need to check the value of $name in your code

$term = get_term_by('name', $name, 'product_cat');
$markup['brand']   = $term ;

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