Hi I have a standard html/css site that I want to add a blog too. I am not going to convert the whole site to run with WordPress just want to add WordPress to a sub folder so www.example.com/blog where 'blog' will hold the WordPress files etc.

I have done this and installed WordPress into the folder, but as I started thinking about creating it I got stumped with how to reuse my code from the main site, is it a case of copying the CSS/JS, and then any change having to recopy it, and having to re-link all base images used to style or is there away to get WordPress to use these elements from the main site?

  • This is not an ideal scenario, but it's possible. I would work the other direction. Manage your images, script, and styles within a WordPress theme and link to those resources from your static site. This will give you the advantages of working within WordPress while still using the same file for both sites. That being said, I bet you'll find that it wouldn't be too much more work to move the static site to WordPress, even if it's only using static page templates as placeholders for your current static site. – MikeNGarrett Feb 22 at 13:27
  • Yeah wanted to keep the two separate, while I like WordPress, it doesn't compete with pure html/css for speed. – snookian Feb 22 at 15:09
  • I understand. Best of luck. – MikeNGarrett Feb 22 at 16:40

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