What would be the best strategy for an event that takes place each year and each year the website is “renewed”?

The organizers of the event thought of having the regular domain of the website (eventsite.com) be the landing page of that year’s event and the previous years be eventsite.com/2018, eventsite.com/2017, eventsite.com/2016, etc. Then after this year, change this year’s site to eventsite.com/2019 and then eventsite.com become the landing page for 2020, and so on.

I’m thinking that changing the domain like that each year will be quite complicated and not the best idea, for many reasons. Or is there an easy way to do it and it can work without complications? I think better to have the year in the domain from the beginning and not changing it after each year, no?

What are your thoughts on sub domains (2019.eventsite.com) vs sub directories (eventsite.com/2019) ?

And would WP Multisite be the way to go here? or is there a reason to not use Multisite in this case?

There will be maybe around 10 pages of things like schedule, tickets, speakers, sponsors, gallery. No blog, at least for now.

The site is also multi language. Although I don’t know yet what plugin they’re using for it.

p.s. Another very similar question has been asked three and a half years ago, but it doesn't have a real answer. I think it's ok to post this one.

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