I’ve installed the wpcli and php unit testing to my imac and the wordpress and wordpress-test-lib files were added to my tmp folder as they should have. I used this to install the setup.

bash bin/install-wp-tests.sh wordpress_test root <mypassword> localhost latest

I wanted to reinstall everything to make sure I had the process down so I could show others. However, after deleting the files from the tmp folder and reinstalling using the terminal command bash bin/install-wp-tests.sh wordpress_test root <mypassword> localhost latest wordpress and wordpress-test-lib folders are getting added to my /var/folders/xq/zdm3rwn.... folder, but the wp-latest.php file is installing in the tmp directory correctly.

How can I correct this problem with the other folders not being placed in the tmp directory or is there another work around I'm missing? Or is this not a problem and I just need to adjust another file to point to the right directory now.

Here is the return info from terminal after running the install...

  • install_wp
  • '[' -d /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress/ ']'
  • return
  • install_test_suite ++ uname -s
  • [[ Darwin == \D\a\r\w\i\n ]]
  • local ioption=-i.bak
  • '[' '!' -d /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress-tests-lib ']'
  • '[' '!' -f wp-tests-config.php ']'
  • download https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/tags/5.0.3/wp-tests-config-sample.php /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress-tests-lib/wp-tests-config.php ++ which curl
  • '[' /usr/bin/curl ']'
  • curl -s https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/tags/5.0.3/wp-tests-config-sample.php ++ echo /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress/ ++ sed 's:/+$::'
  • WP_CORE_DIR=/var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress/
  • sed -i.bak 's:dirname( FILE ) . '\''/src/'\'':'\''/var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress//'\'':' /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress-tests-lib/wp-tests-config.php
  • sed -i.bak s/youremptytestdbnamehere/wordpress_test/ /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress-tests-lib/wp-tests-config.php
  • sed -i.bak s/yourusernamehere/root/ /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress-tests-lib/wp-tests-config.php
  • sed -i.bak s/yourpasswordhere/mypassword/ /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress-tests-lib/wp-tests-config.php
  • sed -i.bak 's|localhost|localhost|' /var/folders/xq/zdmw3rwn5cn9_b9z05vs355c0000gn/T/wordpress-tests-lib/wp-tests-config.php
  • install_db
  • '[' false = true ']'
  • PARTS=(${DB_HOST//:/ })
  • local PARTS
  • local DB_HOSTNAME=localhost
  • local DB_SOCK_OR_PORT=
  • local EXTRA=
  • '[' -z localhost ']' ++ echo ++ grep -e '^[0-9]{1,}$'
  • '[' ']'
  • '[' -z ']'
  • '[' -z localhost ']'
  • EXTRA=' --host=localhost --protocol=tcp'
  • mysqladmin create wordpress_test --user=root --password=mypassword --host=localhost --protocol=tcp mysqladmin: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
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    Can you be more specific about how you're doing this at the moment?
    – Tom J Nowell
    Commented Feb 19, 2019 at 17:02

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enter code hereActually come to find out after further testing, these new set of folders, wordpress and wordpress-test-lib, that are now in the new directory /var/folders/xq/zdm3rwn.... do indeed still work properly for the unit testing.

Hope that helps someone else wondering about this same issue. In all the docs for these installs that I have seen they all mention the /tmp/ directory which seems to work the first time you install, but if you delete those file (which after more research I found I should not have done) then on my imac the installs went to this new tmp folder as I mentioned.

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