1. When I view a static page its url is like: http://example.com/mybooks/
  2. When I view a category page its url is like: http://example.com/category/books-ebooks/

For SEO, I want some modification so that I do not have to use the word category to view category pages. e.g. it should be http://example.com/books-ebooks/ instead of http://example.com/category/books-ebooks/

  • How can this be done?
  • I see a potential problem that WordPress engine may not be able to differentiate between pages and categories. Is it so?
  • What are other pros and cons?

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Basically a duplicate of this question. It comes up a lot, and the remove category base functionality probably should be an option in WordPress to be honest.

Here was my answer from there:

No Category Base plugin to remove the /category/ bit from the URL.


If you have a page with the same name as a category, the page will be shown instead the category archive, but the URLs of posts won't be affected. At least, that used to be the case. I think I heard news of a recent change in the way WP calculates permalinks (for the better).


I'm using the "Worpdress SEO" plugin by Yoast. The plugin has an option that is able to fix the problem. I'm not sure if this is required, but I entered also a "." (dot) into the category field from the perma links section.


As the "No Category Base plugin" ("wp-no-category-base" By iDope) suggested above "has been closed and is no longer available for download", I have tried "No Category Base (WPML)" By Marios Alexandrou and it works like a charm.

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