I'm looking for a way to list three specific pages in a nav-menu (I want to get these pages by their unique page ID's), and also list the children of these three pages - appended to each list item, in a 'ul' of their own (So like a standard multi-tiered sub-nav type menu).

I've been trying to do this with wp_list_pages(), but child_of only takes one argument.

Help would be appreciated!

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I think there's couple of ways doing this.

1) register_nav_menu, add your menu in Appearance > Menus to the registered menu location, then let wp_nav_menu handle the markup for you

2) register_nav_menu, add menu in Appearance > Menus, then use wp_get_nav_menu_items to get the menu items and write the html markup yourself.

3) Have an $array of parent page ID's (hardcoded or get them from an option/post_meta/wherever), do for/foreach/while loop with the array and use get_children inside it. You can either use to loop to simultaneously build the html markup or store the parent and child ID's to another $array and do the html loop later with it.

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