I'm finally taking the time to learn how to build themes with Gutenberg. And while most of it seems to be pretty straight forward, I was wondering if there is a way to edit the html output of the blocks that come standard with Gutenberg?

I use Zurb Foundation in my themes and don't like a generic grid/cell divs around the_content(). Some custom blocks I want to built will be full-width, while other blocks are inside the grid container (1200px wide). I want these containers to be wrapped around individual blocks.

So I want to add divs for grid-container, grid-x and cell classes around most of the blocks that come standard with Gutenberg.

Like I said, I see how to achieve this when creating your own custom blocks, but not how to edit the standard blocks that come included with Gutenberg. If I had to guess, this could be done with a filter, but I don't have a ton of experiencing using filters besides the ones I find online that I can tweak to meet my needs.

And advice would be greatly appreciated.

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