Reading the Gutenberg Handbook about the new Block architecture in WordPress, I've come across references to "properties", "attributes" and "settings" for the blocks. As there's a lot to read, I've lost track of what the differences are between them. A top level overview would be helpful.

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Settings is what you define in registerBlockType() in the block.js file. Here you have to add most basic settings like title:, category: and icon:. (Handbook link).

Attributes are optional, also in registerBlockType(). You can extract values from markup i.e. for saving the block content (Handbook link).

Properties get passed from the editor. You can find them in the edit: and save: function. Here you can call the optional attributes like 'props.attributes' (Handbook link).

Maybe it's not the best explanation, but I hope you get an idea. ;o)

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