We have a sport association. To be part of the association, you need to register to our website (powered by wordpress). Every year we give a big sport event: members can partecipate in teams, playing volleyball.

Till now we made the following... - 1 member (the captain) registered to the webiste - he put personal data of all the players in a form

Now we want/need all the players to be registered to the website (once for the life), so we would like to do something like - players register to the website - captain creates a team picking other registered members (who have to agree with being part of that team)

Any idea/plugin/suggestion?

  • Welcome to WPSE. Your question is far to broad. You really need to distill it down to a specific problem - more like "I'm building a process to do (description), and this is what I have so far; now here's where I'm stuck." Asking for plugin suggestions is out of scope of the site because it is primarily opinion based. – butlerblog Feb 13 at 14:29

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