Due to a PHP issue I want to update my website which I built through Word Press to a new theme. Building the new site may take me a month or so I want the current one to remain live. However once I try to develop a new theme onto the WP admin for my website it will wipe out the existing one. Ideally what I would like to do is just transfer over. On researching people talk about just creating a sub domain and building on there then swapping destination url at a later point? or using a work press plug in?

With the first option I had a go, creating a sub domain and loaded WP on it. I then saw there was an option to adjust the web space directory from the sub domain to the main domain url? So basically tell it to use the files on the which I could use as environment to build the new website and then just swap over? However this could be problematic as the webpage addresses wont match? Plus I would ideally like to edit the new theme in the main url wb page.

All help / suggestions really appreciated!!

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    Why do you say building the new theme will wipe out the existing one? Unless you are editing an existing theme (which you shouldn't do - you should make a child theme instead), the changes you make to one theme won't affect another. There are plugins that will let you use one theme for the public while using a different theme if you're an admin, if you really don't want to copy your site over, but typically the "best practice" workflow is to copy everything onto a staging site of some sort - often on localhost - until you have finished and tested the theme. – WebElaine Feb 12 at 22:47

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