I'm trying to set up a basic classic TinyMCE editor that comes up in an iframe which is loading a PHP file.

In the PHP I'm using a require_once on wp-load.php to load WordPress, and even with just a basic call to wp_editor with some placeholder text the full functionality of the editor doesn't seem to load.

I can't switch between visual and text, I don't get the row of tinyMCE buttons at the top for formatting, etc.

Is there something else I need to load to get the full functionality of the editor in calling wp_editor?

  • surfing the webz about tinymce&iframes fires up a lot of problems, try to open a javascript console inside the page (on chrome ctrl+shift+j) and look for errors there, it could be a good starting point. Also check the php error log for troubles. – Fabrizio Mele Feb 12 at 0:15

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