I have a Multisite installation where I'm facing somekind of bug relating the hostname used when WordPress sends emails (I've test it with WordPress admin emails and Contact Form 7).

For example, if I try to send an email from wordpress@site.example.com the email gets sent but the from address is somehow changed to wordpress@example-cname-id.elb.amazonaws.com. Where example-cname-id.elb.amazonaws.com is the alias I have in my DNS for the domain site.example.com, which is one of the sites in the Multisite . Weirdly enough, if I instead try to send the email from wordpress@example.com the From Address doesn't change. The latter wouldn't be a workaround since I really need to send the emails from a subdomain hostname, which in this example would be wordpress@site.example.com

Some extra details:

  • If I delete the CNAME record and replace it for an A record the From Address is not changed. Yet, this option would not work as a solution since it would require to change all the DNS and servers setup.
  • I don't face this bug in single-site installations with a similar DNS set up (also using subdomains aswell).
  • I'm using WordPress 4.9.8.
  • The Multisite is on Subdomain mode.

has anyone ever faced a similar issue?

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