I got a very strange google index bloat issue that is killing my love for blogging.

I moved from Blogger to WordPress in August last year and then had the misfortune of hiring a fake developer to work on my site. The result was that i had 3 Url changes and then had to remove then had to switch from the .html to / url structure.

I also had the misfortune of getting a faulty Wordfence plugin from this guy and it damaged my site after an update.

I ended up doing things myself to ensure they were done right and for a time i did succeed until i discovered the index bloat.

You see, I have 252 ppsts moving from blogger and my first use of the yoast SEO plugin revealed to me shocking SEO mistakes i had been making and so i had to edit all my posts. It took nearly two months and before i was done the wordfence issue hit and all the things on my site started to misbehave.

In my attempt to solve the issue I clean reinstalled WordPress 5 times and just when i though i have solved the isssue this index bloat comes.

I currently have just 237 posts on my site. Bling shows an indexed number of about 430 but Goggle index is 17k.

My Alexia ranking has fallen from 5m to 17m and my traffic is gone. I have done a Site:mysite.com search and found over 20k indexed content and guess what, thousands of the bloating urls are wordfence base urls... see below...


Can some please tell me what is going on and how to fix it?

  • Have you asked the Wordfence developers or on its own support forum? 3rd-party plug-ins are off-topic here. – Jacob Peattie Feb 9 at 5:01

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