I have frontend profiles on wordpress where i want to implement a contact form 7 form. So i fetch each email from the user via shortcode. the shortcode returns the email adress from the user and i want to get this value now into the TO field of my contact form.

I tried to register a new form tag

    ///// DEVELOP
add_action( 'wpcf7_init', 'custom_add_form_tag_emaill' );

function custom_add_form_tag_emaill() {
    wpcf7_add_form_tag( 'emaill', 'custom_clock_form_tag_handler' ); // "emaill" is the type of the form-tag

function custom_clock_form_tag_handler( $tag ) {
    $display_name = leweb_user('user_email');
    return $display_name;

This is working fine so far, i can see the email on the frontend form, but when i input [emaill] in the TO field i always get an syntax error... can anyone help me with this?

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