I have a problem. when I have duplicate post titles:

Post 1 titles "Story" link: https://domain.com/story-1.htlm

Post 2 titles "Story" link: https://domain.com/story-1-2.htlm

and cpt name "chap", have a child relationship with the main post. I posted a chapter:

Chap by Post 1 titles "Story", link: https://domain.com/story-1/chap-1.html

Chap by Post 2 titles "Story", link: https://domain.com/story-1-2/story-1-chap-1.html ==> normally not duplicate post titles the link must be in the form: https://domain.com/story-1-2/chap-1.html ==> this chap error 404!!!

How do I fix this error?

I tried changing the title for the titles to be different, (code: Automatically add words if duplicate post titles)

and change the link as the titles for the link become different (code: Force post slug to be auto generated from title on save)

but it not work, still error T_T

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