Is it possible to add an additional text input before the Blocks editor? I'm trying to update my Subtitle plugin to be Gutenberg compatible, but the subtitle isn't really a "Block" and I think it's more similar to the page title.

Pre-WordPress 5.0, I used the edit_form_after_title hook, but in Gutenberg that's irrelevant, so I'm wondering how to inject a new, non-block, element?

Plugin in question: KIA Subtitle

Text input for a Subtitle in the Gutenberg editor. Appears after Title text area and before Blocks container.

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    I'm afraid it's not possible. You can add it as metabox or use custom template for blocks that will put your custom block as first always. – Krzysiek Dróżdż Feb 7 at 19:36
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    anything is possible. Possible but not pretty. If you really want the field right there, you could create a custom field and position it there with JS, then use JS to save the value on blur. – RiddleMeThis Feb 7 at 19:48
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    @helgatheviking I agree that it’s not good UI if it’s somewhere at the bottom. But there is no nice way to put custom inputs after the title. As I mentioned before - “Gutenberg solution” would be to create a custom block, make it appear as first, render as empty and store data in custom field. – Krzysiek Dróżdż Feb 8 at 6:28
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    @am_It doesn't appear in the post content. No one said anything about it not appearing on the front end. – Jacob Peattie Feb 8 at 8:47
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    Can you maybe replace the title block with a custom one that has two input fields? – fuxia Feb 8 at 19:17

Initially Gutenberg had plans to implement subheading, See this ticket but later they deprecated it. As of now, there's no hook to do it other than building a custom block. May be in near future you'll find something useful.

I hope this helps

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