This is more a "am I understanding this right" kind of question:

When I create a custum Gutenberg Block that should be used by an user of role Editor(which has no unfiltered_html capability on a multisite), I am limited to whatever html wordpress allows this user to post.


My save function has jsx like this:

<p style={myStyles}>{props.attributes.text}</p>

which gets rendered to

<p style="opacity:0.5">Hello World</p>

This would get filtered out and the block would not work.

Additionally, this Block would work for a Super-Admin and when he creates a post using this block and an Editor comes in later to adapt it, it would break the block, because it expects the mark-up that was filtered out.

Is this the expected behaviour?

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The recommended way of using RichText Component inside save function is -

            style={ styles }
            className={ className ? className : undefined }
            value={ content }
            dir={ direction }

See, how this core paragraph block is doing it. Instead of using normal HTML use RichText Content on text fields

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