This is a little hard to explain, so here goes.

Have a WordPress site with a Custom Post Type - "Servies". Which has (example) 3 categories.

What is happening, is that the Google are indexing additional pages based on the number of categories there are for the post type.





All of these are pointing to exactly the same page as https://example.com/services/ (therefore duplicating content essentially).

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    If the archive pages don't have the exact same content, then it's not duplicate content.. Those paged requests (e.g. /page/2) are there because the category posts are not shown all at once on the same page (page #1). – Sally CJ Feb 6 at 4:12
  • How many posts of that CPT do you have? – tmdesigned Feb 6 at 9:58
  • Yep there's 15 posts. The posts per page was set to 6, so created page/2/ and page/3/ to count the posts. I believe that I have an understanding why this has happened now. It would have been better to use a page template for the archive page (services), then pull the posts from the post types to eliminate the pagination issues there. – Rik Feb 7 at 5:03

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