Hi i want to create a wordpress template of custom post name is album. I want to show posts By grouping $Q1 = jan,,feb,mar $Q2 = Apr,may,jun same for Q3 and Q4.

Now when i click on Q1 then it show posts under this. For Better explaination please check screenshot.

Q1,Q2,Q3 etc work like tabs and the content will be slide enter image description here

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    what have you tried? what specific problem are you having? – Milo Feb 3 at 20:51
  • till i have not try anything for this – Jitender Patyal Feb 4 at 13:41
  • Can you guide me how can we make this dynamic. The main thing is Q1,Q2,Q3 post get according to these Quarters – Jitender Patyal Feb 4 at 13:42

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