1. How to disable tags, categories, authors and date in All posts page? Any post type.

In Screen options I have removed everything (author, categories, tags, comments, date) but in reality this doesn't do anything just hides them visually (class hidden is toggled with JavaScript on each table cell). Queries for them are still generated (visible with Query monitor).

We don't need any of that, on all post lists we only need to search for a specific post and in a post list it is enough to be only a post title with its link for editing it.

  1. How to completely cut out comments? On all posts list, two queries for comments are generated each time for no reason at all. We don't even have comments on website and they are disabled in Settings.

This removes the page Comment from admin menu but queries are still generated

function df_disable_comments_admin_menu() {
add_action('admin_menu', 'df_disable_comments_admin_menu');

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