How can I get a raw value of post title using Qtranslate-X plugin?
I have 2 active languages - [:et] and [:ru]

$posts = get_posts($args);
    foreach($posts as $post){

       $title1 = $post->post_title;
       $title2 = get_post_field( 'post_title', $post->ID, 'raw' );

       echo $title1;
       echo $title2;


Variables $title1 and $title2 returns only [:et] versions of a title.
Database value of post_title is:

[:et]Immuniseerimise jätkukursus[:ru]Иммунизация – дополнительный курс[:]

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post_title_ml property should be used to get a raw post value, instead of post_title

$title = $post->post_title_ml

To translate raw value translate_text filter can be used

$english_title = apply_filters('translate_text', $title, 'en');

Or qtranxf_use_language() function

$english_title = qtranxf_use_language('en', $title, false, true);

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