I've programmed a cronjob in WordPress which get's executed every 5 minutes. In the function of the cronjob im trying to perform a do_action:

error_log('Send Email');
do_action( 'trigger_new_subscription_notification_email', $dv_id, $new_order->id );

My problem is now that I can see the error_log in the debug.log of WordPress but there is no email sent. When I trigger the cronjob manually like in a cronmanager, I receive the email.

I've also disabled wp_cron and implemented a real cron call via a linux script.

So is it not possible to do a do_action within WordPress cronjob?

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You need to add this before calling do_action:

  • That will work only for WooCommerce... Commented Jan 31, 2019 at 21:02

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