For starters, apologies for my miserable knowledge of web development.

I have been developing a simple website for my startup and have encountered some security concerns. Knowing my limited knowledge and all the possible vulnerabilities related to wordpress and human error, I wanted to implement simple backend operations on an external server/service.

This would be ideal as my added-value as a company will be on my database and the algorithm that processes it. As such, I was hoping I could decouple these from any wordpress-related problems.

Any idea/suggestion of how I could implement this as safely as possible, or any problems I might encounter?

Thanks ;)

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My security knowledge of Wordpress is not that deep, but I believe this might help you a bit: - First find the vulnerabilities, once you know which one exists, research and find out how to fix it specifically.

To find: - The WordFence Plugin is very good for this. - https://forum.fsocietybrasil.org/topic/992-wordpress-scan-vulnerabilities-and-malwares/ Here is a list of sites to scan the failing of your wp - https://sitecheck.sucuri.net Here you can scan if there is a virus on your site (often plugins bring viruses) Look for ebooks on the internet, I only have Portuguese, I do not think they will help you much the ones I have - Firefox's noscript Addon makes an excellent scan as well.

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