I have a movies folder called movies located in site root/wp-content/movies/. I also have a template creates in my theme called page-movies.php. And a wordpress page called movies using the page-movies.php template.

What is the correct way to display the list of movie urls in the movies folder on the movies page.

I've used a scandir() inside of A tags to display all the urls as "site.com/movies/movietitle.mp4" but I click thr link to the movie is loads nothing just a blank white page.

Is there a correct way I should be loading the list of movie urls onto a oage from a directory?

  • Problem solved, used full url with http in the beginning to fix the issue. – Jeremy Jan 30 '19 at 20:36

If you movies are stored in /wp-content/movies/ and the URLs are site.com/movies/movietitle.mp4 then the links are pointing to the wrong place.

Change the URL's to include the wp-content path eg site.com/wp-content/movies/movietitle.mp4

Separate to your question, you could look at having your page-movies.php template load the links into a video element using javascript.

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  • Thanks Alexander. I did notice that the url is in fact not pointing to the wp-content/movies directory, youre right. So the url isbjust site.com/movies/movie.mp4. Since im on the movies page, how Can I append the wp-content/ folder before /movies folder in url. And then add the movie name to that. – Jeremy Jan 30 '19 at 17:12

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