How to list the categories yearly wise in template and the taxonomy page of the category should list the posts of the selected year.

2016                  2017          2018

Category 1           Category 2     Category 7
Category 2           Category 5     Category 1 
Category 5           Category 6     Category 8 

Each category leads to the taxonomy page and there also the yearly filter must work.

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    Show us some code would help. Please don't expect we should chew code for you. WPSE is not a forum for requests, ppl here help you out with issues on coding. – Charles Jan 28 at 8:28
  • I'm not asking for the code. Is it possible to do in a short way? I Can do this functionality by looping through all the posts for the unique years and categorize the post as array according to the category also. The code I have is for the listing categories and the taxonomy page looping posts. – Aparna Mathew Jan 28 at 10:41
  • Maybe taking a look here some older but nice code from @bainternet and/or maybe also here and create a function using code found on those links?! – Charles Jan 28 at 11:42

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