I want to make portfolio page using meta field, where clicking to image opening image slideshows. So I want to loop main clickable image in array and images of slideshow as an array of main image, like:

main_image_array (
 1st image: {01,02,03},
 2nd image: {01,02,03},

Loop is something like this:

for(i=0, i<inputedNumberofportfolio, i++) {
 <input type='text' name='pi_main_img[]' value='". $pi_main_img[$i] ."' placeholder='Image link'/>
    for(i2=0, i<inputedNumberofSlide, i++) {
       <input type='text' name='pi_slide_img[]' value='". $pi_slide_img[$i2] ."'/>

How to loop this and how to save properly, any idea? Any help will be appreciated.

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