Please Advice me. I wanted to backup single post with data and media file. But not link with original post.

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  • Your browser has that feature: Just hit Ctrl + s, and save as complete page. – fuxia Jan 23 at 9:30

You can take the backup of your post or pages by using the tools => export option present in wordpress. On the export page you can see multiple filters like date, users and status through which you can take the backup of your posts or pages.

  • Thanks. But, it is in xml file. I just want full data for single post. Using 'updraftplus' plugin, we can download whole site. Like this I need for single post related files – Agshai Jan 23 at 7:07
  • Yes it will be in xml form. But when you import it (xml file ) then it will again in the same look as you had in wordpress dashboard with all the content like media. – Mohsin Ghouri Jan 23 at 7:10
  • Yes, You are right. But, If the customer lost original post, How xml link refer the original post?. Using updraftplus plugin we can backup whole sites. Just I need the same as like backup for specific post. – Agshai Jan 23 at 9:54
  • If a customer lost the original post then you have to follow the two steps completely remove the original post and then import the xml file. Customer can see the same post with the same id and same content. You can save the post in xml file by using the post id in the name of the xml file for your easiness. In this way you can easily upload the backup of the post. Shortly by the post id you can link the original and backup of the post. – Mohsin Ghouri Jan 23 at 10:13
  • Ok. I will do the same way. Thanks. But there are no plugin for the individual post backup right? – Agshai Jan 23 at 10:27

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