I created an extra select option ACF field for media uploader and I would like to retrieve the associated values in Gutenberg MediaUploader onSelect.

enter image description here Is there a workaround for this case?

  • Did you end up solving this? Currently facing the same problem
    – Marcel
    May 22, 2019 at 8:08

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Check out ACF to REST API - https://github.com/airesvsg/acf-to-rest-api

You can optionally turn on/off which fields you want to enable.

// Enable the option show in rest
add_filter( 'acf/rest_api/field_settings/show_in_rest', '__return_true' );

// Enable the option edit in rest
add_filter( 'acf/rest_api/field_settings/edit_in_rest', '__return_true' );

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