While it looks like this question has been asked before in some form, I still don't see a working solution.

I am using WP Offload Media Lite which moves uploaded files to an Amazon S3 and then applies a filter when the image is requested. Even though it's a safe way of going about it, I really don't like this filter system because now the site get ridiculously slow when I activate the plugin.

I have written a plugin that rewrites the URL for _wp_attached_file in the wp_postmeta table. Even though all these URLs have been rewritten to the S3 bucket full URLs ( hxxps://s3.amazonaws.com/url/to/image.ext ), in the media library they are still shown as residing on the local server ( hxxps:// ).

My Question: How do I make WordPress default to the S3 URL when it's rewriting the _wp_attached_file URL? It seems to be replacing everything before wp-content with hxxp:// which is the path to the site's files but is not the siteurl in the database;

The closest thing I've seen to a solution is a plugin that has not been updated in two major releases.

There is a chance I'm asking the wrong question here. Anything that avoids the site waiting for a filter to rewrite the URLs at load time is most likely welcome

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