I am really frustrated, I have tried working on this code but I am not getting it right, Though I am a novice in WP function coding. I want to skip specific html tag from my auto replace keyword with link function, Example I want to disable auto link on text that already have

Here is my below function, I don't know where I am getting it wrong

function wp_affiliate_links($text){
     if( is_single() && in_category( 'coco' ) ){

         $from = '!<h5>[^<>]*<\/h5>(*SKIP)(*F)|<h4>[^<>]*<\/h4>(*SKIP)(*F)|<h1>[^<>]*<\/h1>(*SKIP)(*F)|<h3>[^<>]*<\/h3>(*SKIP)(*F)|<h2>[^<>]*<\/h2>(*SKIP)(*F)|<b>[^<>]*<\/b>(*SKIP)(*F)|<a\b[^>]*>.*?</a>(*SKIP)(*F)|(\b'.$to.'\b)(?=[^>]*(?:<|$))!';
    $to = array(
        '/please/' => ' <a href="https://google.com">please</a> ',
        '/love/' => ' <a href="https://wordpress.org">love</a> ',
        '/Ask/' => ' <a href="https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/ask">Ask</a> ',
    $text = preg_replace( array_keys($from), $to, $text, 2 );

    return $text;

add_filter('the_content', 'wp_affiliate_links');

Please Gurus Help me out, I have really tried my best

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