I have problems with loading my site. Time to first byte varies from 0,5 to even 10s. I can't find what may cause that lag in back-end processing.

My site : www.mm.bartoszwasz.pl

Test with GMetrix https://gtmetrix.com/reports/mm.bartoszwas.pl/SdPhlpjs load time

What i already did:

  1. Hosting response test - ping www.mm.bartoszwas.pl gave me result of 15ms
  2. Putting small php file into my child-theme to check access time (15ms) https://mm.bartoszwas.pl/wp-content/themes/storefront-child/test.php
  3. Links changed to HTTPS from normal HTTP - to avoid redirects.
  4. Links in wp-config and database updated to HTTPS
  5. Disabled plugins

Is anything else i can try?

  • I can't diagnose, because from here (in U.S.) it is loading almost instantly each of 20 times I tried. – tmdesigned Jan 18 at 1:17
  • Thank's for testing. Good to hear you don't have any problems, that means that the problem doesn't occur that often. But still i have to lower this TTFB time. Even 2s is huge.. – Bartosz Was Jan 18 at 10:28

To check on your own system, use the Developer Tools (usually F12) and the Network tab. That will tell you which request is taking too much time.

  • I specified that (TTFB) is sometimes long, then site is loaded almost instantly. DevTools can't help me with this case, it shows only how long it took this time to load. – Bartosz Was Jan 18 at 8:53

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