In WordPress, I am trying to import posts from a CSV file. I want to check, if post with title already exist. I am trying to do this using a database query, but I am still able to import the same three posts from my example CSV file.

Following PHP code snippet is what I use for checking, if a post with title already exist:

   $check_post_exists = function( $title ) use ( $wpdb, $postTypeArray ) {

        $posts = $wpdb->get_col( "SELECT post_title FROM {$wpdb->posts} WHERE post_type = '{$postTypeArray["custom-post-type"]}' AND post_status = 'publish" );

        return in_array( $title, $posts );

    foreach ( $posts() as $post ) {

        if ( $check_post_exists( $post["zoneid"] ) ) {

        $post["id"] = wp_insert_post( array(
            "post_title" => $post["zoneid"],
            "post_content" => $post["bemaerkning"],
            "post_type" => $postTypeArray["custom-post-type"],
            "post_status" => "publish"

What am I doing wrong or what am I missing here?

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You have typing mistake. You are using the double quotation mark instead of single quotation mark at the end of the code post_status = 'publish"

Please use post_status = 'publish' instead of post_status = 'publish" and then use double quotation mark at the end of query.

And also make sure that dynamic values are correctly entered in the query by printing the query before execution.

  • You are absolutely right. I missed a single quotation mark. That completely solved my problem. Thanks a lot!!!
    – Dougless
    Commented Jan 22, 2019 at 22:14

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