EDIT the title of this question was "Does anyone know if Jetpack is caching pages/content" but has been changed following the thread.

I just updated a plugin I made. Among others, it does filter the content of a page using the_content hook.

But I noticed that it does not behaves like it should once I pushed the changes online (some parts of my content are missing).

Once I do disable Jetpack, it works as expected.

Does anyone know if Jetpack is caching pages/content and how to clear that cache ?

I didn't find anything about it online.

Thanks !


Does anyone know if Jetpack is caching pages/content

Jetpack does not cache the contents of your posts and pages.

Once I do disable Jetpack, it works as expected.

This seems like a conflict between how your code filters the_content, and the way one of the Jetpack features uses the same filter. I would recommend that you deactivate each Jetpack feature, one at a time, until you find the exact source of the conflict. You can then contact the Jetpack support team via this contact form to let them know about the conflict between the 2 plugins.

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  • Ok, thanks ! good advice. I disabled "Publicize connections - Automatically share your posts to social networks" and it now works as expected. Guess there is a bug in Jetpack about that, i'll contact them, thanks. – gordie Jan 23 '19 at 14:07

I found out that the bug occurs when Publicize connections is enabled in Jetpack, thanks to the advices of @jeherve.

Indeed, I have a function hooked on the_content and which appends content to a specific page :

add_filter( 'the_content','wpsstm_frontend_wizard_content');

function wpsstm_frontend_wizard_content($content){
    if ( !is_page(MYPAGEID) ) return $content;

    wpsstm_locate_template( 'frontend-wizard.php', true);
    $wizard = ob_get_clean();
    return $content . $wizard;

The template is loaded through wpsstm_locate_template(); which calls the core function load_template():

Locate a template & fallback in plugin's folder
function wpsstm_locate_template( $template_name, $load = false, $require_once = true ) {

    if ( !$located = locate_template( 'wpsstm/' . $template_name ) ) {
        // Template not found in theme's folder, use plugin's template as a fallback
        $located = wpsstm()->plugin_dir . 'templates/' . $template_name;

    if ( $load && ('' != $located) ){
        load_template( $located, $require_once );

    return $located;

I fixed my problem by setting $require_once = false when I call wpsstm_locate_template() - and thus load_template():

wpsstm_locate_template( 'frontend-wizard.php', true, false);

I guess that Jetpacks 'runs' my filter before it is really displayed. Thus the file already has been loaded once and won't load again until $require_once is set to false.

I found out how to fix it but anyway, that seems to be a bug within Jetpack; or maybe I should handle this in another way. I'll write them.

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