I have added few custom external links to my menu and they all link to 1 website but with a few subfolders, so the urls look pretty much like this:


It does not seem to work for me as wordpress changes my site url every time when I click on it to something like this:


(so it removes back slashes from the url)

Of course the website opens but there is no content because such a folder does not exist.

Does anyone know a solution to this little problem?

  • I've never seen a website with backwards slashes. Did you try using all forward slashes? – WebElaine Jan 15 at 16:05
  • Yes. I did try that and it link to the website but it does not show any content. I figured this is down to the website providers (we bought CAFM solution from that company) so I backed the question to them. Thanks a lot! – Edyta Kucińska Jan 16 at 9:10

Backslashes (\) are not usually used in URL addresses, so WordPress tries to fix it to correct URL.

I’m almost certain that you should use slashes (/) instead:


Then it should all work correctly.

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