I need to get information on front page about post - if it has gallery or video or both, how to find this information?


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One can use the built-in has_block( $block_type, $post ) function to check for specific blocks.

The first input argument is the block type in <!-- wp:{$block_type} --> and the second one is the post object.

To find the corresponding block type, we can view it in the Code Editor view via the shortcut:

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + M

or via the settings:

code view

For example the gallery block will show as:

Code view

Example: Within The Loop

Checking for wp:gallery and wp:video blocks, within the loop, the corresponding block types are gallery and video:

if ( has_block( 'video' ) && has_block( 'gallery' ) ) {
   // ...

Example: Outside The Loop

For a given post object, we can use the second input argument of has_block() to determince if the post contains the wp:gallery and wp:video blocks:

$mypost = get_post( 123 );

if ( has_block( 'video', $mypost ) && has_block( 'gallery', $mypost ) ) {
   // ...

Example: Custom Block Within The Loop

Checking the content for a custom block with namespace: <!-- wp:custom/block -->, it would be:

if ( has_block( 'custom/block' ) ) {
   // ...
  • I found my problem why I asked this question: if ( has_block( 'core-embed/vimeo' ) || has_block( 'core-embed/youtube') || has_block( 'video' )) { // ... } I was placing youtube video and "has_block( 'video' )" doesn't recognises that.
    – Uģis
    Jan 15, 2019 at 14:38
  • Thanks for the extra info. In the example here above we assumed the video to be uploaded to the site and added via the wp:video block. To check if one has the wp:core-embed/youtube block one can use has_block( 'core-embed/youtube' ), To find the corresponding block type, one can switch to the code editor view with the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M shortcut or via the settings.
    – birgire
    Jan 15, 2019 at 14:47

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