i'm completely new to wordpress and am trying to figure it out on the fly. I'm currently using the shop isle theme.

The theme natively supports only one menu.

I've added the code necessary to the functions.php file to expand it to 4 menus. The new menus are showing up in the menu section under appearance, but they're not showing up on the header itself. I've copied the required code to the header.php file and can see something vaguely on top of the header (note that this theme has a sticky header) but its not displaying properly (it comes under the sticky header as bullet text). If you look carefully you can see the text showing up under the black header.

enter image description here

enter image description here

How do i get it to show up next to the products menu instead of weirdly being underneath the header??

  • Are you sure you want to add multiple menus? It really looks like you just need to add the menu items to your existing menu. – Jacob Peattie Jan 15 at 12:56

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